Deoria Tal

Deoria Tal is a beautiful lake also known as Devaria or Deoriya, standing at 2,438 meters (7,999 ft) above sea level from where you can see glorious view of white himalayas , reflections of Chaukhamba Range in the crystal clear water., camp stay and snow in winters.
There are no lodges at Deoria Tal so you can stay only in camps and need to pay fees to forest department for enter the area as well as for camping.
The charges for Camping and entering at Deoria Tal.
Entry fees (valid for three days) for Indians is Rs 150 and for Foreigners is Rs 600.
Camping fee for tent starts from Rs 50 for indians and Rs 100 for Foreigners.
Deoria Tal has some reference in one of the great epics of Indian history Mahabharat. It’s believed that deoriatal is same lake in which 4 of the Pandavas dies by drinking lake water without answering to the Yaksha’s questions. They were brought to life only when Yudhistir answers all of his questions.

Destinations in Deoria Tal

1. Deoriatal has short trek of 2.3 km from Sari village.
2. Sari village has stay at lodges. Deoriatal has camp stay.
3. Sari village is 13 km from Ukhimath at Ukhimath-tungnath road at Rudraprayag district.
4. Ukhimath is 40 km from Rudraprayag district which is one of the Panch Prayag.
5. Travellers enjoy the road journey as they get to see very good places on the way to Rudraprayag from Haridwar which is 160 km.

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