Haldwani is known as the "Gateway of Kumaon" as it is located at the foothills of Kumaon Himalayas. Haldwani is the third most populous city in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.
The name Haldwani is driven from the Kumaoni word "Halduvani" (literally "forest of Haldu") where Haldu tree is Haldina cordifolia. The Haldu trees were found there in large quantity before to deforestation for agriculture and migration of people. The place was originally known as Halduvani until George William Trail took over as Commissioner of Kumaon and renamed it to Haldwani in 1834.

Cloudy and pleasant month to visit is September which is the best month to visit Haldwani and the best time to visit is from September to November and February to March which has a pleasant temperature. Summer is hot and humid to visit. The winter season has a minimum temperature of 5°C.

Destinations in Haldwani

1. Gaula Barrage
The Gaula Barrage is 7.3 kms from Haldwani. The Gaula Dam is a popular picnic spot for locals as well as tourists where one one can enjoy scenic beauty. Families can enjoy day trips here. The barrage built on the 500 kms Guala river. The source of the Gaula river is the Sattal ( seven lakes ).

2. Sitla Devi
The Sitla Devi Mandir is located at Ranibagh which is 10 kms from Haldwani. The temple dedicated to goddess Durga. You have to trek around 1 km from main road to reach the temple. The Sitla Devi Mandir is one of the oldest temple of the region and is also and ideal picnic spot. The temple is visited by a lots of locals and tourists.

3. Haida khan Ashram
The Hedakhan Ashram is 33 kms from Haldwani. Haidekhan Ashram is dedicated to HaidaKhan Baba a disciple of Lord Shiva. River Gomti Ganga flows between two sides of Ashram. Baba ji built nine temple (Nov Durga) at the bank of same river. It is a quiet and beautiful place and one can go for meditation.

4. Sanjay Van
Sanjay Van is around 23 kms from Haldwani, is a part of Tanda Range forest in Pantnagar.Sanjay Van is a lush green area where you can come to hear the birds, smell the grass, listen to the wind rustle among the trees. A Quiet and peaceful place with beautiful view of the nearby surroundings.

5. Devbhoomi Adventure Land
Devbhoomi Adventure Land is around 17 kms from Haldwani. There are lots of adventures activities for kids. A good place to spend your day with family.

6. Chhoti Haldwani
Chhoti Haldwani is a small and beautiful village around 30 kms away from Kathgodam and 28kms from Haldwani. Places to see are Corbett Museum. The small village was home of the legendary Sir Jim Corbett. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. The museum displays the life and activities and belonging of Sir Jim Corbett.

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