Haridwar, literally 'Gateway to God' which is a Theerth Nagari where people from all over India visit for pilgrimage and to take a holy dip into the holy river Ganges. Here river Ganges enters in plain areas of north India after flowing 253 kms from its origin Gaumukh (Gangotri Glacier).
Haridwar is also one of the four places where Kumbh Mela happens after rotation of every twelve Years and Ardh Kumbh after every six years.
Haridwar is well known as great source of Ayurvedic medicines and herbal remedies.

Destinations in Haridwar

1. Kumbh Mela
Haridwar is one of four sites where drops of Amrit, the elixir of immortality, accidentally spilled over from the pitcher while being carried by the celestial bird Garuda. This is manifested in the Kumbha Mela, which is celebrated every 12 years in Haridwar.
2. Ganga Aarti
Ganga Aarti Means Prayer for the River Ganges. Everyday hundreds of people come Haridwar to see Gange aarti. The golden hues of floral diyas reflected in the river Ganges present the most enchanting sight.
3. Mansa Devi Temple
This place is in Located on Bilwa Parvat one of the five pilgrimage in Haridwar.You can have beautiful view of Haridwar and Ganga river from Mansa Devi mandir. People visit Mansa Devi temple in seek of fulfillment of wishes. Well you can pray the Goddess to fulfill wishes of your near and dear.

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