Mukteshwar is a beautiful town of Nainital district in the Kumaon Hills at an altitude of 2286 m where one can see beautiful view of Kumaon , Garhwal and nepal mountain range Muktesh is 51 km from Nainital, 72 km from Haldwani, and 343 km from Delhi.
Mukteshwar is popularised by Britishers for establishment of the IVRI (Indian Vertinary Research Institute) in 1893 because of fruit orchards and coniferous forest.
A 350 years old temple of lord Shiva is known as Mukteshwar Temple, so this place is named after that. Mukteshwar is another name of Lord Shiva, which literally means ‘One who offers Moksha’.
Rabindra Nath Tagore started writing Gitanjali from this place.
Mukteshwar weather is pleasant throughout the year but it's good to avoid it in rainy season because heavy rain may cause road jam and landslide. Winter is so cold and freezing temperature is normal here so has snowfalls sometime during december and january. Light wooler is enough for summer but heavy wooler is must for winter.
you can easily book taxi from Haldwani which is 72 km from Mukteshwar. If you want to use bus or sharable taxi then first you have to go Bhowali from Haldwani then you can use local transport to Mukteshwar from Bhowali.. Buses are easily available to Haldwani from Delhi(Anand Vihar Bus Terminal) and other big cities. Trains are also available for Haldwani. Nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport.

Destinations in Mukteshwar

1. Mukteshwar temple is a 350 years old Temple of lord shiva at the top of Mukteshwar. It is 400 meters from main Mukteswar square but you need to climb just few stairs.
2. A amazing cliff of a mountain just behind the Mukteshwar temple known as Chauli Ki Jali whereas Chauli is 'Rock' and Jali is 'Hole' used for rock climbing and rappelling, with an excellent view of Kumaon Valley.
3. Bhalu gaad waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with crystal clean water 14 km downhill from Mukteshwar after that there is a trek of 1.5 km into the forest to reach there.
4. Breathtaking view of Himalayas which include fantastic view of Nanda Devi (Second highest peak of India).

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