Bhim Pakora, Lansdowne

Bhim Pakora is famous because of the magical placement of the two sacred rocks. These rocks are perfectly balanced in the way that you can move above the rock with a single finger but never falls down even after using both hands. These rocks are in the shape of pakora (An Indian dish).
One has to trek 2 km downhills on a rough path through the forest from Lansdowne city centre.
According to legend, Pandavas had stopped in Bhim Pakora during the period of Pandavas banishment (vanvas). At this place, to showcase his strength and perfection, the strongest brother Bhim had placed these rocks as we see them today.

How To Reach

By Road- This lake is just 1 km from Lansdowne. Buses are easily available for Lansdowne after that you have to trek for 2 km on a rough path through the forest.
By Railway- Nearest Railway Station is kotdwar Railway Station which is 42 km from Lansdowne
By Air- jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest Airport which is 150 km from Lansdowne.

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