Atariya Temple, Rudrapur

Atariya Temple is an ancient temple and very much famous for its construction. The sculpture of the temple reflects the artistic nature of the ancient people.
This temple is built by King Rudra Chand during the 16th Century.
It's 10 days fair during Chaitra Navratri in March is famous.
As per Hindu mythology, There was a temple built in 200 B.C but during the Mughal period this temple is destroyed and a statue of goddess thrown into the river. After that during 16th Century King Rudra Chand's chariot stuck there because of it king has to stay there for a night where he had a dream of Goddess Atariya Devi about the statue inside well where his chariot got stuck. Next day he found statue there so the temple is rebuilt by King Rudra Chand.

This temple is just 2 km away from Rudrapur Bus stand.

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