Chitai Golu Temple, Almora

The illustrious Temple of Chitai is dedicated to Gollu or Goljyu Devta. Though there are several temples of Golu Devta in Almora however the Chitai Golu Devta Temple is that the most sacred one.The temple is placed at 9kms from Almora .Golu Devta is magnificently thought to be God of Justice. Most devotees worship the immortal and provoke the justice on behalf of the injustice are done to them or with their family. Devotees worship Golu Devta with the suggests that of White cloth white Pagri and White horse. lndividuals believes that God asks for in propitiation could be a bell, as is clear from the thousands of bells arrange across the temple.
The story concerning the god of justic the story goes, once a king visited the forest for hunting, once the king became thirsty he ordered his servants to fetch water for him, the servant came back and asked he disturbed a girl named (kalinga) deep in meditation, the king got keen on the girl Kalinga and married her. Because the many queens of the king they became jealous of the kalinga, they stole the newborn kid of the kalinga and replaced it with a stone and threw the child in a rive(kaliganga)then a fisher found him. Later once the boy completed concerning his true identity he set to hunt on the injustice done to his mother. He goes to the river kali ganga with a Wodden Horse and tries to create the horse drink water from the river, seeing this the king asked the boy how can the wooden horse drink water at that the child asked the king if a girls will provide birth to a stone then the horse may also drink water. The king completed his mistake and accepted him as his son. He then treated this subjects with mare care and concern and have become widespread for his justice and was thought to be Gwalla devta.

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