Dhari devi temple, Rudraprayag

Dhari Devi temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Devi Kali Mata. Dhari Devi goddess is taken into consideration as the guardian deity of Uttarakhand. Dhari Devi is a temple placed on the banks of the Alaknanda River between Srinagar and Rudraprayag .it's far about 15 km from Srinagar, Uttarakhand, 20 km from Rudraprayag and 360 km from Delhi. The temple is domestic to the upper part of the idol of the goddess Dhari, at the same time as the lower half of the idol is located in Kalimath, in which she is worshipped as a Goddess Kali. Kalimath is one in every of 108 shakti sthals in India. As in line with religious way of Kalimath is the region wherein Goddess Kali killed the demon Raktabija and after that, the goddess had long past underneath the earth. The upper half of an idol of a deity got here flowing down alongside the Alaknanda river and settled here. seeing that then the idol is worshipped right here in the form of Goddess Dhari. The Goddess is thought to exchange look at some point of the day. according to nearby people, the deity adjustments look from of a girl to a woman and then to an old lady. while the idol of the deity was removed from her temple then after few hours a very severe cloudburst passed off. As consistent with the devotees, the region needed to face the Goddess’ ire as she become shifted from her ‘mool sthan’ to make way for a 330 MW hydel venture. That assignment lies in ruins after the flood. A similar strive in 1882 through a nearby king had ended in a landslide that has flattened Kedarnath.

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