Surkhanda Devi Temple, Tehri Garhwal

Surkhanda Devi Temple is about 8 km from Dhanolti at an altitude of 2903 m. The temple is located the highest peak in the locality making a perfect viewpoint ringed by dense forests in a sanctified spot. For reaching the temple, one has to walk 2 km from the motor road at Kaddulkhal.
According to the mythology, Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva, gave up her life in the argument with her father, as Prajapati Daksha was not ready to accept Shiva as her daughter's husband. So he started to defy Him openly, and thereby the defying of her dear husband made her leave her body. We all know then that how Shiva danced with the dead body of Sati, furiously and how by the Sudarshan Chakra the body was separated part by part. Shiva passed through this place on his way back to Kailash with the dead body of Sati whose head fell at the spot where the modern temple of Surkhanda Devi stands.