Valley Of Flowers

Valley of Flowers is an Indian national park situated near Badrinath at Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.
Valley of flowers is famous for its outstanding natural beauty, endangered animals, and its meadows of alpine flowers. It is spread over an area of around 88 sq. Km. This fairyland located at the high altitudes of 11000 feet to 14000 feet above sea level in the conversion point of Himalayan ranges, Zanskar and Western and Eastern Himalayas, surrounded by snowy mountains.
As the snow starts melting by the end of May, the valley quickly welcome new blooming flowers. As a result, the valley is full of flowers in the mid-July. Almost 350 varieties of flowers of unique design and color can be found while exploring the Valley of Flowers National Park inner and deeper part of the valley.
Valley of Flowers is a part of Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers National Parks which is listed under UNESCO World Heritage site.

Thousands of Nature Lovers, Mountaineers and Nature Photographers visit the Valley in a short span of four months every year. This place is home to various endangered animals, including the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear, red fox and blue sheep. One with a sharp eye can discover Himalayan monal pheasant and other high altitude birds.

Opening Date - 1st June
Closing Date - 4th Oct

Valley of Flowers opens at 7.00 am every day
Valley of Flowers close at 5:00 pm but last entry is allowed till 2.00 pm
Advisable to start your trek as early as possible so you can spend more time and come back at right time.

ENTRY FEES (valid for three days)
Indians - Rs 150 ( 50 Rs for extra day)
Foreigners - Rs 600 (250 Rs for extra day)

Valley of Flowers opens for only 4 months in a year because of heavy snow.
One can witness of most bloom flowers during Monsoon(rainy season) from mid-July to August staring. If rain is a problem for you then the middle of August is the best time for you after that Number of Flowers reduce with the passing days. If you want to see lot of glaciers you should visit in June

-There are no restaurants or tea shops after one leaves the base town of Ghangaria so take some light easy to carry eatables whenever you are out. Dry fruits would be suitable.
-There are no toilets either.
-Raincoats, umbrella or ponchos is must during the rainy season, no need to carry your own raincoats form the city. ponchos purchasable from local shops are better to cover you fully.
-Use good quality walking shoes ( waterproof).
-Children below 10 years will find the trekking from Govind Ghat to Ghangharia(10 km) very difficult on foot.

In 1931, Frank S. Smythe, Eric Shipton and R.L. Holdsworth, all British mountaineers, lost their way while returning from a successful expedition to Mt.Kamet. The group accidentally reach a valley, which is full of flowers. They were attracted to the beauty of the area and named it the "Valley of Flowers".
The valley visited by the climber Frank S. Smythe who wrote a book publicising the "Valley of Flowers"

Destinations in Valley Of Flowers

The motorable road is available till Govindghat which is 275 km from Rishikesh on the way of Badrinath. One can easily reach Rishikesh via bus or train.
There is a 10 km trek from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria. Ghangaria is a base came for the valley of flowers. Budget hotels are available at around INR 1400-1500 per night at Ghangaria.
Start your day early from Ghangaria to explore more valley of flowers. Now all of your hard work will finally pay off by the beauty of valley of flowers. Purchase tickets start exploring by covering the valley for more than 5 km. After exploring come back to Ghangaria and stay for a night. Next day you can go back or explore more places like Hemkund Sahib, Badrinath, Mana village etc.

Nearest Railway Station is 275 km from Govind Ghat. After Rishikesh one have to follow the motorable road.

Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun which is 300 Km from Govind Ghat. After Jolly Grant Airport one have to follow the motorable road.

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