Gairsain be the capital of Uttarakhand? July 11, 2018, 5:57 p.m.

Author: Deepak Mehta, Traveler, Founder

Why Gairsain be capital of Uttarakhand?

Is Dehradun not beautiful enough? Dehradun is resourceful in terms of education , healthcare and services. Then there should be no doubts that it is much better than a 'village like town' like Gainsain, which has just 4 banks and just 1 ATM, No reliable hospital, nearest hospital is 2 hours far, in Srinagar. Condition of roads in Gairsain is very downside as compared to other parts of the state. I am supposing you have gotten a hint of your choice of Dehradun as the capital of Uttarakhand.

Well, before confirming to a conclusion to your mind, give me a chance and follow this article. Before that question, answer yourself other questions , why Uttarakhand? What is special in Uttarakhand? Why did it separate from UttarPradesh?

It took more than a century, yes, right! More than a century to get Uttarakhand the recognition as a special state, because it is special. And in 1994, it became bloody , many protesters lost their lives in Khatima, Ramnagar, Mussoorie etc. and it was very firmly revolutionised that Government of India had to come up accepting people's demand of a separate state. The idea was to preserve the culture of Uttarakhand, not let cities like New Delhi and Lucknow overshadow the presence and existence of Uttarakhand. And in 1994, it was decided by Uttarakhand Kranti Dal(Political party) that Gairsain will be the capital of the state. Later, it was confirmed by the polling done by Kaushik Community resulting 68% of the people in favor of accepting Gairsain as capital of Uttarakhand. Gairsain is in centre between of Kumaon and Garhwal, it is just 20 km from the border of Almora, in Chamoli district and most importantly it is in mountain. But due to lack of resources and essentials, Dehradun was made temporary capital of Uttarakhand then in 2000, yes, temporary.

I have no problem with Dehradun, Dehradun is beautiful and its being beautiful has no relation to make it a capital. Because it was not Uttarakhand made for. I tell you why.

As per reports by Rajya Sabha television, in 2017.
Uttarakhand has 88 percent of the land in mountainous region and only 12 percent in the plane. And only 47 percent of population live in that 88 percent land. Rest 53 percent live in just 12 percent of area, and its increasing very rapidly. To me, Dehradun replaced that time of Delhi and Haldwani replaced Lucknow. Culture is still diminishing. Migration is the biggest problem and political party only take advantage of this problem. When I enter to Haldwani, I so feel like I am in Rampur(UP). It is so important that our capital should be in mountainous region and thus mountains get some attention too. And this way, the tribute is given to those martyrs who lost their lives in 1994 and before for this particular cause, yes, MARTYRS, even wikipedia considers them martyrs, you can read that. (

You have to be careful about Uttarakhand and its your subject if you are from Uttarakhand or if you love Uttarakhand, you are also a stakeholder. 58% of the villages don't have roads access. In mountainous region, only 18% of the land is irrigable while in plane 95% of land is irrigable.
There are countries that are situated in hills and yet they are very developed. Having mountains is not a curse, its in fact, a bliss.

I have a few statements by people who protested and had been part of the Uttarakhand movement and what they say about the Uttarakhand of now in their own words.

Mohan Joshi, Social activist say, "Before Uttarakhand movement, we thought that development will take place, migration will stop and women who find survival tough in village conditions will have some facilities. While everything turned upside down in these 16 years. Those people who thought
about mountains and culture never got into power."
source - Rajyasabha tv

Uma Bhatt, Social activist says ," Education, health and employment, if these things had been delivered by government in better manner, then maybe, it might have slowed down the migration rate. In a way, I think that we lost the movement that we thought we wanted to make Uttarakhand for. Because it was for the mountainous culture we have, that makes us special that we stood for, is diminishing"
source - Rajyasabha tv

Author's Note:
Everything I have written other than the facts which have source mentioned and history written on papers, is my personal view, try not to take anything otherwise. Maybe, a patriot inside of me, wrote more than a writer in me there.

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