Pappu Karki - The voice we will remember June 11, 2018, 8:57 a.m.

Author: Deepak Mehta, Traveler, Founder

It has been more than 2 days now, we have still been trying to fake the bitter reality that took every Uttarakhandi music lover by immense gloom. While, scrolling down on the regular groups on facebook, I saw photos of accident, this was not so unusual as hilly roads are accident prone. But when I saw same photographs multiple time, I was forced by my intention to read the description and it swept the floor off my feet.
I never saw Pappu Karki in person, although he was regular to sing in Uttarayani Kautik( A famous fest happens every year in town of Bageshwar, my hometown) and I visited the fest multiple times, I don't know why. Being a subscriber to his Youtube Channel and very curious about and follower of Uttarakhandi music, I followed his work in all possible media. And he was one of few young singers who focused more on traditional music/ folk music and still was more popular among youth.

His contribution to Kumauni and thus Uttarakhandi Music is unmeasurable and so is his popularity.
Started his career in 1998 with a Nyoli in Rama Casettes (Tape recorder) with Shri Krishna Singh Karki, following are two lines of that.
" Hariya Ghasa kyale shukhala, hey suwa jetha ka ghamele,
oh aaja tak jyuna chhu me la, hey suwa toh tyara naamele. "

I found it as melodious as his songs of these days. His voice was always promising. But achievements were a fair distance of 12 years away from him, he got that when he sang "Eja re chaita baikha mera munsiyara".

It was loved by thousands , this song was based upon the migration happened in Johar Valley(villages - Martoli and Milam). This song made many eyes glitter with its melodious and lost memories. After this song , Pappu evolved as most loved young folk singer, and in my view, he always made different songs but he kept the genuineness of the culture and did not do too much experiment with it to outroot its traditional favour, but he always added grace to it. Songs like "Lali ho lali", which touched all the pahadi lips and he maintained a strong cultural favor to it, too. As he said in one of the interviews, Chandani Enterprises helped him big time to produce his songs and he showed no hesitation to mention that.
Originally from village Heepa in Berinag block, district Pithoragrh, he was connected to whole kumaun and then to whole Uttarakhand. His song "Uttarani Kautik Lagiro" from "Jhumkiyali" album made him the favorite among Bageshwar people, his explanation of Bageshwar in the song melts the heart of everyone who has visited Bageshwar. His "Basanti Chhyodi" a choliya song rocked many marriages and still one of the favorites, a typical song with pahadi music pleasing to the ears. And his "Teri Rangyali Pichhodi kamu" that he sang along with Meena Rana, descripting a typical traditional outfit and personality of Pahadi. One of my favorite lines is "Dudhiya himala jaisi teri daant paatila, haye hasan mukhadi khil re kamu jee raye" which means "Your white teeth panel like those white himalaya is seen when your smile blooms on your face".

His last song was a Jhora(Chanchari), released on june 7th, 2018 on his youtube channel. "Hit Madhu Uttarani Kautik julo, sun Madhu Bagshware bajaar , ramdhani Kasike ulaa tero dagada, Ramdhani mera parivara"

His achievements and awards.
Uttarakhand Idol by Uttarakhand Club - 2006
Sarvashrestha Navodit lok gayak award - Hillywood - 2009
YUCA - Young Uttarakhand Cine Awards - 2014

These show how much he had achieved just at the age of 34.

In the end,
If you have read all above , you might have realised why every Uttarakhandi has reasons to feel so doomed knowing Pappu da(big brother) will never ever come back again. And his loss will never recover, his voice will always live in our ears, lips and last but not the least in our hearts.

I strongly felt to keep Pappu da in one of the pages in Uttarakhand Traveller and always let everyone know what his contribution to our culture was. Everything I have written is my personal feeling and analysis I have collected based upon several sources. This is my first published article on Uttarakhand Traveller, I am still learning to express better through it. Being in team Uttarakhand Traveller, I thank Uttarakhand Traveller and all of its followers to give us opportunity to express ourselves.

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