Road Accidents in Uttarakhand - A continued disgrace. July 8, 2018, 5:35 p.m.

Author: Deepak Mehta, Traveler, Founder

A week ago , the month of June started with a black day in Uttarakhand's history as a bus which was 28 seated filled in with 30 more people to its capacity numbering 58 people, plunged into a 60-meter-deep gorge in Dhumakot tehsil of Pauri Garhwal district resulting in 48 deaths and 10 injured. Before this an accident took away the life of a popular singer named Pappu Karki. On 5th may, 20 tourists visiting Kedarnath temple got just saved in a bus accident. on 11th November 2017, a bus driver driving the bus to Nainital from Kaladungi took a hint of nap costing himself and 5 other lives. This is what I have gathered, there are many more if I continue it detailing.

Are they new that we hearing about them a lot these days?

A government statistics report is uploaded in the images which show accidents from 2005 to 2016. It has been almost same over the years, starting from 1332 reported accidents causing 868 deaths toll and 1841 injured in 2005 and with 1591 reported accidents taking away 962 lives and causing 1736 injuries. We have seen different governments in all these years. Either all of them failed to understanding the problem or they have no way to address the problem with a solution.

What are possible solutions according to people?
I was going through social media, fortunately some system aware people also give their time to social media. This is what I have found out in one of the comments.
1. Road maintenance.
2. Over Speed controlling.
3. Vehicle fitness certificate every Month by Govt .
4. Road out side security wall.
5. Overloading .
6. Caution board.
7. Hill driving license test done by Transport officer.
8. Road rules strictly followed by Police help.
9. Awareness .
10. Numbers of vehicle increase in heavy traffic road.
11. Maximum Govt bus issued in long distance travelling.

Chief minister Trivendra Rawat announced 2 lacs each to families of who lost the lives and 50,000 rupees to the injured Dumakot accident because it took headlines in most of media houses and newspapers. What about all other people people dying in the accidents that don't get that much attraction. I hope it alarmed government this time.

Author's note:
I felt like giving stats and addressing the accidents happening in Uttarakhand. This was not new but this only gets hiked up in media when something so huge takes place. However, this has been a severe problem in the state since long.